East Tennessee State University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students (Fully funded)

The East Tennessee State University (ETSU) offers international student merit scholarships, the International Students Academic Merit Scholarship.

The International Students Academic Merit Scholarship is open to new international students seeking a diploma or bachelor’s degree from the university. Students are asked to submit a scholarship application as soon as possible.

The scholarship applies only to tuition and maintenance fees. No additional fees or costs will be covered. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Courses offered: All courses
Course level: undergraduate, graduate
Provider: ETSU
Country to study in: USA

Applicants must:

Apply for the scholarship for admission to the ETSU
Have proof of academic achievement
Additional requirements:

Recipients must maintain full time status.
An applicant must have a 3.0 GPA (high school or college GPA, depending on whether the first year student, the transfer or the applicant).
The recipients of the study must have an average of 2.75 semesters to continue to receive the scholarship.
Graduates must complete a GPA of 3.0 semesters.
Students who are NOT eligible:

Students seeking a second bachelor’s or master’s degree
Students who receive an assistance or study scholarship
Students who receive another ETSU study scholarship
Eligible applicants
Applicants from ALL countries can apply

Participating institutions
East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee; United States of America

study areas
All undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are eligible

Number of awards
250 for EEA countries

325 for non-EEA countries

Duration of sponsorship
The award is available for:

Eight semesters for diploma students
Five semesters for recipients seeking a master’s degree or according to the duration of the program
Eight semesters for doctoral students or according to the duration of the program.
The scholarship can be used for summer semester when you attend courses on the ground.
The scholarship may not be used for the winter semester.
Benefits for scholarships
The scholarship covers only 50 percent of the total tuition and maintenance fees. No additional fees or costs will be covered. The beneficiary does not have to pay any additional fees such as program fees, course fees, accommodation costs and health insurance costs.

application method
The scholarship is open to all international students applying for admission to the university. Applicants who meet the required criteria (see official website) will receive the scholarship automatically provided.

Applicants who qualify for the scholarship will be informed about the prize in the admission letter. Students wishing to accept the scholarship must complete and submit a scholarship form within three weeks of the letter of admission. Eligible students will find a link to the online form for accepting scholarships in the letter of admission.

Start now with your undergraduate or graduate students. To receive complete information about this scholarship, it is important to visit the official website (link to).

Application documents for international students should be available on the following dates: April 29 (fall semester), September 29 (spring semester) and February 1 (summer session).

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